�40k bid for road to industrial estate

HOPES that up to �40,000 can be found to design a new access road to the Alexandria Industrial Estate, have been revealed by Councillor Stuart Hughes.

The Sidmouth representative and county highways chief wants plans to be drawn up and the compulsory purchase of a privately owned strip of land – key to any such scheme – to happen.

Cllr Hughes says providing better access to the Alexandria estate would prevent an employment site being developed on the town’s outskirts – especially north of Sidford.

He said this week that Devon County Council (DCC) is prepared to put in some resources to engineering and design options on a potential link, roundabout or T-junction off Bulverton Road.

He said DCC would be willing to fork out the “lion’s share” of �30,000 to �40,000 for designs and a planning application. Mr Hughes added that the district council would also need to contribute some of the money.

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“It’s a small price to pay to get a road in there so the site can reach its full potential,” said the councillor.

He added that, if planning permission was granted for the proposed access, compulsory purchase proceedings of the small piece of land in question could begin.

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“This is a goer; something is happening after years,” said Mr Hughes. “With this access road the Alexandria estate can grow. That would mean we wouldn’t require any more employment land on the town’s outskirts.

“It will solve all of the problems there. That industrial estate hasn’t reached its full potential - it can’t have because planning applications have been turned down on access grounds alone.”

Mr Hughes said that an eventual project to create a new access road could cost between half a million to three-quarters of a million pounds – which could possibly be obtained through section 106 development cash.

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