Seven rescue animals in Devon needing new forever homes

Rescue dogs needing new home in Devon

Bobby and Dotty, mother and daughter Shih Tzus - Credit: Blue Cross

‘Not just for Christmas’, the saying goes, and you certainly shouldn’t ever give a pet as a present to someone who might not be prepared to look after it properly. But a wonderful gift for these rescue animals would be a loving new home in time for the festive season. Here are some of the pets currently needing to be rehomed in Devon. 

1 Bobby and Dotty, Shih Tzus 

Rescue dogs needing a new home in Devon

Bobby and Dotty, rescue dogs - Credit: Blue Cross

Bobby and Dotty are 13- and 14-year-old mother and daughter whose owner became unable to care for them. They would be suited to a quiet home. They enjoy people’s company but Dotty can be nervous around unfamiliar dogs. Both dogs need continued training and Bobby would benefit from an owner who could train dogs with hearing loss. Blue Cross 

2 Bandit, domestic short-hair 

Rescue cat needing new home in Devon

Bandit, rescue cat needing new home in Devon - Credit: Axhayes Cats Protection

Young 18-month old Bandit well be needing a calm, quiet home where he will be given the time he needs to settle. Not much is known about his background as he was a stray, but he would be best suited to a home without young children, and with no other cats. He would enjoy a safe garden to explore away from busy roads. A video of Bandit can be seen on the rehoming centre's website:  Axhayes Cats Protection 

3 Peter and Flopsy, Rex rabbits 

Rescue rabbits needing a new home in Devon

Peter and Flopsy, rescue rabbits - Credit: Blue Cross

Peter and Flopsy are an inquisitive and active young pair who need to be re-homed together. They are happy with people and enjoy being stroked for short periods of time before hopping off to explore. They could be housed indoors or outside, but will need a minimum of a 6ft x 2ft hutch with an attached 8ft x 6ft run, or an equivalent sized indoor area. Blue Cross 

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4 Buttons, domestic short-hair 

Rescue cat needing new home in Devon

Buttons, rescue cat needing new home in Devon - Credit: Blue Cross

Buttons is a lovely 13-year-old female cat with a beautiful black glossy coat  that she keeps in tip-top condition. She needs a retirement home with a caring owner. Buttons has no experience of living with children or dogs and can be a little worried by loud noises; she lived with another cat previously but they did not have a good relationship, so a quiet home with no children or other pets would be ideal. Blue Cross 

5 Pixel, Lionhead rabbit

Rescue rabbit needing a new home in Devon

Pixel, Lionhead rabbit - Credit: Blue Cross

Six-month-old Pixel needs an indoor home with an existing female rabbit as a companion, although he will need to be housed in a separate hutch while he settles in. He could be transitioned to living outdoors when the weather gets warmer. He doesn’t enjoy being handled or stroked, and will need a patient owner who will allow him to come out of his shell in his own time. He enjoys being able to roam around the house, so owners may need to rabbit-proof their home. Blue Cross 

For further in formation on these animals, and others needing new homes, visit the Blue Cross's local rehoming centre website or the Axhayes Cats Protection website