Aileen can help make needles work for your health

Aileen White's acupuncture room

Aileen White's acupuncture room - Credit: Aileen White

As we slowly move back to what we hope will be a more normal way of life, the last year may have left you feeling like sticking needles in your arms.

If so then we know just the person who can help with that. 

Following an illustrious career spanning 19 years, with most of it spent in the NHS, trained physio and acupuncturist Aileen White has taken the plunge at a time when many would have been fearful of doing so, setting up her own specialist business in Sidmouth at the beginning of February this year.

Her husband’s work commitments moved the family, including three young children, to Sidmouth from Surrey in May 2019 and Aileen has worked in a private practice until setting up on her own this year. Specialising in physio and acupuncture, she is also a trained pilates instructor and has a personal fondness for the discipline with her own regular regime when she gets a little time to herself.

With its roots based firmly in traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is often recommended as a treatment for all manner of health issues and is highly effective at treating pain in large or multiple areas of the body. Some still find it rather odd and struggle to accept the benefits provided by acupuncture, the thought of sticking pins into various parts of your body to aid recovery is still alien to a lot of people although the practice has been around in the UK since the 50s and 60s.

However, it is very effective and despite the implications it is virtually pain free, something which can be confirmed by the many who have benefitted from it. And keeping everything all above board and official, Aileen is licensed by East Devon District Council to practice acupuncture.

Providing all the treatments herself, including one to one pilates classes for those who seek them, Aileen works from a dedicated room at her home in Woolbrook Road and is currently working within all the government guidelines with all her clients. 

So if the last year has left you feeling like a bit of a couch potato, you can contact Sidmouth Physio Pilates and Acupuncture on  07774 994531  

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