Alarm is a nightmare for sleep-deprived neighbours

Sidmouth Manor Pavilion.
Picture by Alex Walton. shs 9673-29-10AW

Sidmouth Manor Pavilion. Picture by Alex Walton. shs 9673-29-10AW - Credit: Archant

Manor Pavilion bosses have issued an apology to nearby residents who had a sleepless night after the theatre’s alarm went off for almost nine hours running.

Zoe Mardon and her family were kept awake for the whole night on Wednesday, as their property in Fortfield Mews backs onto the edge of the venue’s car park.

Mrs Mardon said that it was the second incident in a fortnight, adding: “They should send a blanket apology letter. I don’t expect one with my name and address - but something that says we do apologise for any inconvenience caused, and here are the contact details should it happen again. It is not that hard to do.”

She contacted the police who said that a key holder was being sent for.

Mrs Mardon added: “I cannot sleep with the window closed. My eldest daughter can sleep through a hurricane. All three of us had a disturbed night. We have had no sleep - I have been awake all night.”

As a key holder for her place of work, she found the time taken for the alarm to be switched off was ‘frustrating’.

East Devon District Council (EDDC), which owns the Manor Pavilion, said that a member from its property service team was called out on Sunday (May 10) after reports that the alarm had gone off.

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They found a faulty detector and contacted the council’s fire alarm and maintenance contractors, who replaced it the same day. The council then arranged for the annual service of the alarm system to be brought forward to Wednesday.

That evening, at around 10pm, a key holder was called to the theatre to turn the fire alarm off and found another faulty detector. A council workman arrived at the theatre yesterday morning (Thursday) at 8.30am and disabled the alarm. A full investigation began soon after.

An EDDC spokesman said: “We sincerely apologise to all residents in the area, who have been affected by the fire alarm. We are doing everything we possibly can to find the fault that is triggering the detectors and to carry out any necessary work to prevent it happening again.”

A notice will be displayed at the front of the theatre containing important contact information.

Residents should contact the Manor Pavilion, during normal office hours 8.30am to 5pm or East Devon District Council on 01395 516551. For out of hours call out, ring Home Safeguard on 01395 516854.