‘Alleyway is not a urinal - go use a public toilet’


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A teenage Radway Place resident is calling for passers-by to be more respectful after weeks of cleaning up urine just feet from his front door.

Dom Boull, who lives near Scott’s Cinema, where he works, says he has stayed up until 3am bleaching the street and wall by his house to stop the potent smell.

One morning he found that someone had relieved themselves, hours after cleaning up.

Dom said: “The alleyway is like my front garden. There are public toilets up the road that are open. It reeks - it was like sewage works outside my front door. It is nasty.

“All I’m asking is for people to have some respect for other local people. The alleyway is not a urinal - go use a public toilet.”

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He has been woken up by the security light at the front of his house as people stand around outside.

Dom says they are deterred and then walk up the street.

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He has challenged several people but to no avail.

Dom added: “I caught this one guy urinating and I shouted ‘what are you doing?’.

“The cinema was open; he could have asked to have used that.”

The 17-year-old said: “It has happened right outside the cinema litter bins - people urinate right up against them.”

Urinating in a public street breaches the public order act and carries an £80 fine and a potential court appearance.

Police Sergeant Andy Squires told offenders: “Think of other people. How would they feel if they woke up in the morning and found stale urine up their front wall or door?

“It is thoroughly foul, disrespectful behaviour.”

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