Allotments for disabled people in Newton Pop

A scheme to bring allotments to the disabled is under way in Newton Poppleford.

A patch of land for gardeners with disabilities is being developed on the Venn Ottery Road site to benefit the community.

The Newton Poppleford Allotments Volunteer Project Group organiser, Makala Tillotson, said: “There wasn’t any room for disabled people – it just felt unfair that all people in the allotments were able bodied.

“We thought it would be nice if people with limited mobility could join in, enjoy the views and meet the other people.”

On the back of the team’s successful water project last year, the ‘Care-Allot’ scheme will provide a number of raised beds on a solid base with an adjacent water supply.

Makala and her team have been granted permission from the parish council but have had to raise all the money for the project themselves.

They raised �500 from coffee and cakes sales at the Newton Poppleford carnival and donated �100 to the carnival committee. Garden centres and plant hires have offered to help them establish a small orchard and seating area from where the view can be appreciated.

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“We’ve had quite a bit of interest so far but the plot doesn’t look like much yet,” said Makala.

Volunteers have begun but there is still much to do if the group is to establish the plots for the 2013 season.

Contact Makala on 01395 567961 if you are interested in using the facility.