From Sidmouth with solidarity: amnesty group writes to overseas political prisoners

The Write for Rights event at Twyford House, Sidmouth

The Write for Rights event at Twyford House, Sidmouth - Credit: East Devon Amnesty Group

Nearly 150 messages of support and solidarity have been sent to political prisoners around the world by residents of Sidmouth. 

In an event organised by East Devon Amnesty Group, supporters gathered at Twyford House on Thursday, December 2 to write cards and messages to nine individuals in overseas prisons, and sign appeals to their governments. 

The cases included the Chinese journalist Zhang Zhan who was jailed for reporting on the Covid outbreak in Wuhan, and a 15-year-old boy who was wrongly imprisoned after getting caught up in a protest in Belarus. 

Meanwhile, the group are also campaigning for the UK Government to open its Afghan Citizens Resettlement Scheme, designed to give people fleeing the Taliban regime a new life in the UK. 

Nearly four months since the fall of Kabul, the scheme that promises to resettle 5,000 Afghans in its first year is not yet active.