Amnesty group collect signatures at festival

Members of Amnesty East Devon at their stall in Sidmouth

Members of Amnesty East Devon at their stall in Sidmouth - Credit: Amnesty East Devon

The Amnesty East Devon group ran a book stall at the Dissenters Chapel on the first Saturday of Sidmouth Folk Festival, where members also collected signatures for petitions supporting Amnesty International’s ongoing campaigns. 

There was a petition asking President Bolsanaro of Brazil to investigate the murders of British journalist Dom Philips and activist Bruno Pereira, murdered in the Amazon in June.  

There was also a petition for the release of Morad Tahbaz and Mehran Raoof, British nationals left behind in Iran’s jails when Nazanin Radcliffe was finally released earlier this year.  

The group also wrote personal cards for each of the BK16, sixteen activists jailed in India for alleged terrorist offences. The individuals are all activists who have never taken part in any violent activity, and the group is now working to free them. 

The group’s next meeting will be on Tuesday, September 20 at 7:30pm, Twyford House, Coburg Road, Sidmouth. You can also join the meeting by Zoom.