Amy Winehouse mourners ‘kept us up all night’- angry residents

‘Higher class hooligans’play park fear

ANGRY residents fear a revamped play area has already become a hub for loud, litter-lout youths - after Amy Winehouse mourners gave them a sleepless night.

Glenisla Terrace householders have slammed ‘a higher class of hooligan’ who belted out a noisy compilation of the late popstar’s greatest hits during an unexpected wake in the dead of night.

They say a �40,000 play zone at The Ham is proving to be a popular 24-hour venue with children of all ages – landing the nearby community with extra responsibilities.

Youths sang Winehouse tunes, while hurtling down a zip-wire at midnight on Tuesday – then treated sleep-deprived householders to a medley of Lion King numbers from atop a climbing rock.

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Antics carried on until 2am and the area was left ‘strewn’ with rubbish.

“It was a very positive celebration of her short, tragic life with no sign of alcohol or other substance abuse among her fans,” said one resident on the Winehouse wake.

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“As public funds are withdrawn and fewer police, park wardens, gardeners and cleaners, it seems we’ll have to become the Big Society and take responsibility for this situation,” said a volunteer litter picker, while clearing up mess from the party.

“I got back to sleep at 5am,” said teacher Tracey Scott, 50.

“Having no doubt been awakened by a much higher class of hooligan than usual - classified by the total absence of swearing or arguing - we were dismayed to see the new park strewn with litter and debris.”

She added there were more late-night incidents this week and appealed to youngsters: “Please, have fun - that’s what all the hard work has been about - but look after our town and its residents.”

One woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, said she was shocked to find a group of youngsters looking through her bedroom window from the top of the new climbing wall at 11pm last Thursday.

Another resident called the police after park regulations were breached when an excited dog joined adrenalin-fuelled zip-wire users late one evening.

Police said they were looking into anti-social behaviour at The Ham and urged residents to report incidents as they happen. Contact officers on 08452 777444.

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