Anne is slinkiest slimmer

WITH Christmas coming, a slimmer from Sidmouth is ready to celebrate in style after losing 3st 11lb and winning a slimming competition.

Anne Bishop, of Primley Road, has gone from dress size 24 to 16 and is in the running to receive a new wardrobe after winning the local heat of a national slimming competition.

Since Anne, 56, joined Sidmouth Slimming World group in January, she has gone from 17st 4.5lb to 13st 5lb, and fellow members have voted her the group’s Miss Slinky.

She said: “I couldn’t believe it when everyone voted for me. I haven’t felt slinky in years but, thanks to Slimming World, I am again.”

Anne and husband Graham joined the group after seeing “some rather horrible looking Christmas photos”. Another incentive was a cruise in April.

Anne used to have problems with her knees and feet, but since shedding the pounds, they have disappeared. “You get lighter and walking becomes easier, which means you can walk further and get fitter,” she said.

She can now walk to town without stopping, and has joined a pilates group. And her shopping confidence has improved: “I used to avoid certain shops or styles, but now I can go anywhere and find something that fits and looks and feels great.”

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Graham lost 4st to reach his target weight, and was voted the group’s man of the year. Anne is aiming for 11st.

The group has given her a support network. “When you’re having a bad day, there’s always someone there to listen,” said Anne. She finds the Slimming World eating plan easy to follow, as it’s about everything in moderation rather than cutting things out completely. The group meets on Wednesdays at 4.30pm or 6.30pm at St John Hall, Blackmore Drive. Call Katrina Barker on (01884) 32606 or visit