Anti-hunt campaigners take to Sidmouth streets

Animal aid campaigner asks MP if he is prepared to “ignor public opinion” over fox hunting ban

ANTI-HUNT campaigners took to the streets of Sidmouth recently to take part in the National Day of Action to Save the Hunt Ban.

Members of the public were invited to view a film of hare coursing and postcards were distributed, urging MPs to ‘vote no to cruelty’.

Campaigners pictured in Market Place are l-r: Pat Hobbs, Mark Gold, Animal Aid’s regional representative, Sharon Howe and Michele Seymour.

Mark said: “We selected four consituencies, two where the MP is firmly anti-hunt and two where we believe they are in favour of a return to legal hunting.”

He said East Devon MP Hugo Swire, and Nick Harvey (North Devon) were apparently pro-hunt and asked: “Are they really prepared to ignore public opinion by helping to legalise not only fox hunting, but also the barbarism of hare coursing and stag hunting?