'A brave new world' for businesses on the high street

Lesley White inside Antiques on High

Lesley White inside Antiques on High - Credit: Vincent Page

The eagerly anticipated arrival of 2021 is surely set to burst into our lives like an overdressed band from the 80s.

To say this year has been littered with fear and drama is probably an understatement and at Antiques on High we have had to plan our strategy like a military operation, dealing with both our store in Oxford High Street and our popular Sidmouth venue in a professional and safe manner, with all the dealers working in both shops being quick to adapt to the new rules. 

Winning our award this year for Best UK Antiques Centres 2020 was a bolt from the blue and, as much as we are always striving to be better, It’s easy to forget in such troubled times that people notice and appreciate what we do, something which was very evident by the editorial that we were featured in the Sidmouth Herald. The popular local paper has had something of a revamp this year courtesy of Marc Astley and Alex Walton, (Marc is no relation to Rick, before you ask) and I was pleased to be offered the opportunity to write for them focussing on many professional local businesses each week, as without them the town would be quite different.

When we re-opened back on June 15 after the first lockdown like so many companies up and down the country, we found ourselves in a brave new world implementing all manner of new and strategic measures to ensure both stores were as safe as they could be and we continue to do so.

With stock regularly interchanging between Oxford and Sidmouth we have the ability to source items that may not be in our store here but are only a phone call away and we often use our live CCTV cameras to demonstrate pieces in Oxford much to the amazement of clients in Sidmouth and with the opening of our third store scheduled for next year the stock opportunities will grow.

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With more than 80 dealers in both our stores, many of them highly regarded in their particular field, we are introducing a new concept for antique dealers once our third store is opened which will allow them to have cabinets in all three stores under a unique format which is structured to make it attractive for the customer as well as the dealer.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all those who visit us. In the two years we have been here we have made so many friends and we would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas, try and have a good a day as possible, and stay positive.

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