Breaking new ground and dispelling myths in antiques trade

Antiques on High in Sidmouth

Antiques on High in Sidmouth - Credit: Vince Page

If the pandemic has left you worried for your job and you have an interest in antiques, becoming a dealer with Antiques on High and having your stock in three leading high street locations at subsidised rates could be the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Bucking the trend of the old fashioned one man, one shop theory, opening our third store in Bowness on Windermere back in May this year was seen by many as financial suicide as the trade held its collective breath to see what would transpire from what many saw as such a reckless move. 

Although plenty of established dealers still cannot understand the concept of offering to drive their stock (fully insured) around the country at least twice a month over hundreds of miles, placing it in leading high street locations to maximize sales, those who have taken the opportunity have seen the benefits. 

No one can deny it has been hard work and a lot of miles which most people baulk at.

“Are you mad?” is a statement that is often levelled at us and maybe we are. However, our two years’ worth of research into the location for our expansion is proving to have been worth it and with three stores spread around the country and more expected to follow, the dealers who have taken advantage of the subsidized rates are almost guaranteed a good week every week from at least one store. Many of our dealers earn a full time living from having their stock in all three stores. 

Sidmouth has played a key role in our business structure and whether it be the limitations of travel due to the pandemic or just our credibility we have far and away exceeded expectations this year in business terms and a percentage of this must always be seen as being due to the quality and credibility of the dealers we have attracted.

Sadly, the antiques trade can often be viewed with a degree of shady scepticism and we have worked hard to dismiss that theory. All three of our stores have merchant accounts and take all major credit and debit cards and we pride ourselves on our customer service and we are constantly seeking new ways to assist which makes a purchase that much easier. 

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Be rest assured this is no get rich quick scheme for anyone however with so many of our established dealers seeing the sense in having cabinets in all three stores, the other options have limited appeal.    

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