Sidmouth Arboretum helps to replace a well-loved Family Tree

Four people planting a tree in a park

Sharon, Patricia, Teresa and Rob at the recent planting - Credit: Ed Dolphin

Ed Dolphin writes on behalf of the Sidmouth Arboretum
In 1993, EDDC joined with the UK Tree Council to celebrate National Tree Week by planting Family Trees. Local multi-generational families were given trees to plant. 
A red oak was planted at the time in the grounds of The Knowle, which was placed by four generations of a local family, headed by Dorothy McGuigan.
Articles about The Knowle trees on Facebook prompted Dorothy’s granddaughter, Sharon MacKay, to contact Sidmouth Arboretum asking about their tree. Arboretum volunteers did some research and found that the tree had died. It was then replaced by a new tree planted in memory of a popular council employee, Jane Cuthbe. The Arboretum agreed to replace the original tree in a new site.

Old family photo from 1993 of people planting a tree in a park

Sharon, Megan, Patricia and Dorothy plant the original tree in 1993 - Credit: Ed Dolphin

Family members came together to plant a new red oak in the park last Sunday (December 13). Sadly, Dorothy is no longer with us, and Megan MacKay, the youngest family member at the original planting, is serving in the army and was unable to attend. They were represented by Dorothy’s youngest daughter, Teresa Cooper, and her husband Rob.
The family was assisted by councillor Kelvin Dent, chair of the Knowle Residents Association. The KRA volunteers hope to play an active part in caring for the park and gardens of Knowle when they pass to the Town Council next year.

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