Art show and Jubilee party at Sidmouth's Oasis Cafe

Freda Chippett and Andie Milne with some of Freda's artwork

Freda Chippett and Andie Milne with some of Freda's artwork - Credit: Oasis Cafe

A 90-year-old Sidmouth artist is holding an exhibition and sale of her work to raise money for the Ukraine Disaster Fund. 

Freda Chippett’s fundraiser will take place at the Oasis Café, Dissenters Hall, on Wednesday, May 25. 

Andie Milne of the Oasis Café said: “Freda has over the years enjoyed painting and other craft activities, so she asked us at Oasis if she could do an exhibition with a sale of some items for The Ukraine Disaster Fund - of course we said yes. 

“It is a privilege to be able to share the amazing talents of this wonderful lady.”  

The Oasis Café is also planning a family Jubilee party on Wednesday, June 1, the day before the official celebrations begin 

Andie said: “There will be with music, food, dancing, children's fun activities - plus we want to share personal experiences with all generations. 

“Some of our clients were children and young adults when the Queen came to the throne – others, like me, remember the Silver Jubilee, etc.” 

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Both events will take place at the Oasis cafe, starting at 12.45. 

The Oasis Cafe is also planning further events for the summer, including drop-in gatherings on the beach. 

Andie said: “Summertime can be very lonely, and to see groups having fun in the sunshine can really highlight isolation, so we are planning - weather dependent – a beach Oasis Cafe. 

“We are also in the process of formulating a business plan to the Mustard Seed to open a Saturday Oasis Cafe once a month in the early evening in the autumn, to provide a safe socialising space for those who find the weekends hard.” 

She said the café has received a ‘generous’ grant from Sidmouth Town Council which covers its rental costs, meaning donations from individuals and the Sidmouth Lions can be put towards the additional activities.  

The Oasis Café was set up in September 2020 as a safe social space for people who had been suffering from loneliness and isolation during the Covid pandemic. It has a team of volunteers who serve free tea and coffee and chat to anyone who drops in looking for company.