Otter Vale artists meet up for virtual competition results and Zoom demo

Acclaimed artist Andrew Gifford in his studio

Acclaimed artist Andrew Gifford in his studio - Credit: Andrew Gifford

Otter Vale Art Society were treated this month to a demonstration via Zoom by acclaimed artist Andrew Gifford during which the results for the annual Griffin Trophy Competition were announced.

Each year the society organises an anonymous competition among its members, which is held at its annual general meeting. Members can vote for their favourite with the winner being awarded the Griffin Trophy. 

First place - Valerie Faulkner’s "Welcoming Committee''

First place - Welcoming Committee - Credit: Valerie Faulkner

The Trophy takes the form of an owl which was donated to the society through the will of Meg Griffin, a longstanding member of the group. This year the AGM was postponed but the competition still took place and was held online instead. This year the society had sixteen entries for the competition and the results were announced on Friday, March 5 during Andrew’s Zoom demonstration. 

Fiona Gale - "Magical Sunlight on the Sea"

Second place - Magical Sunlight on the Sea - Credit: Fiona Gale 

Jackie Browning from the society said: “Andrew gave a most interesting and informative talk from his studio about capturing the colours of nature and how to achieve them by mixing on the palette. His work has been recognised for his innovative paintings with expressing mood, wonderful colours and capture of the play of light. He has travelled far and wide painting urban landscapes in plein air but lately, partly due to lockdown, he has focused on nature. In particular, his latest exhibition, which is found at, called 'alone with trees', and is a stunning collection that highlights the beauty of the ordinary, with exquisite colours and bordering on the abstract. Andrew talked to the society about his work and travels, and gave practical tips on colours, mixes and materials etc.”

She went on to say: “The society has endeavoured throughout the past year to provide members with interesting and inclusive events to keep everyone in contact and active.”

Third place - Meadow Tree

Third place - Meadow Tree - Credit: Di Clatworthy

The results and the winning pictures of the Griffin Trophy Competition are: in first place Valerie Faulkner’s "Welcoming Committee'', in second place was Fiona Gale’s "Magical Sunlight on the Sea" and in third place Di Clatworthy with "Meadow Tree".

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