Art groups enjoy a wildlife master-class in pastels

“Howling Wolf” in Pastels

“Howling Wolf” in Pastels - Credit: Vic Bearcroft

The combined monthly Zoom demonstration between Sidmouth Society of Artists and Exmouth Art group was a real treat for all, writes Ann England from SSA. 
Vic Bearcroft is a freelance artist and illustrator who hails from Nottinghamshire. He is an ambassador for “Society of All Artists” and has been painting and drawing all his life, with a special love for painting wildlife. The subject for us during his demo was a “Howling Wolf” in Pastels. 
Vic photographs his subject in its normal environment, changing the background when painting to suit him at the time. Starting with grey velour paper he explained that this paper held the particles from the pastels better than other papers. After each action, one needs to rub well to fix the pastel. 
He sketched the wolf using geometric shapes and then described the different types of fur found on wolves using the pastels to build up the layers and bring out the shapes and textures of their coats. 
One needs to make strokes the right length and in the right direction to give flow. You could say so much more about this painting given the time. 
This was an inspirational two hours well spent and as the wolf evolved it felt as though we wanted to stroke the fur. Vic’s style would also encourage people to try painting with pastels for themselves.
The art groups are always looking for more artists to joining and if this has inspired you to hear or see more about painting with us, please contact: or Exmouth art group on Facebook.

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