ASBO threat in nuisance driver clampdown in Sidmouth

VIGILANT members of the public have helped herald a downturn in vehicle-related nuisance behaviour in Sidmouth’s Manor Road Car Park, say police.

And a district council drive to give boy racers their marching orders from the spot has had “encouraging” results, according to the authority.

Both police and the council say they have upped patrols in a bid to reduce complaints that have included abusive language, littering, inconsiderate driving, revving of engines and use of car horns, and the playing of loud music.

East Devon District Council (EDDC) officers been carrying out patrols on Friday and Saturday nights - issuing a warning letter to anyone seen misbehaving.

Residents have garnered police praise for alerting officers to problems.

“I’m pleased to say there has been a big decrease in the amount of incidents in Manor Road,” said Sergeant Andy Turner.

“That doesn’t mean it’s not going on, but we’d like to thank people who’ve been contacting us promptly. That information has allowed us to tackle this effectively.”

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An EDDC spokesman added: “Staff from the council’s REACT team have been targeting car parks across the district and liaising with police.

“Anyone suspected of vehicle-related anti social behaviour has been served with a warning letter from Gerry Moore, East Devon’s community safety co-ordinator. “Manor Road car park is among the locations targeted and the results have been encouraging.”

The notice handed to anti-social drivers tells them: “This type of behaviour will not be tolerated as it shows a total lack of respect for others, which is why this letter has been personally served on you.

“This letter should be regarded as a warning.”

Offenders have been warned they could face criminal or civil proceedings and slapped with an Anti Social Behaviour Order (ASBO).