Assurances over �3.6million Devon pothole kitty

DEVON County Council has welcomed assurances that it will receive �3.6 million from the Government for repairing potholes.

DEVON County Council has welcomed assurances that it will receive �3.6 million from the Government for repairing potholes.

The Department for Transport has confirmed that the money, which is a share of �100 million announced by the previous Government in March, will not be cut by the new Conservative-Lib Dem coalition Government.

Devon County Council is currently carrying out a �7million programme of repairs on its 8,000-mile highway network to deal with the damage caused by the harsh winter. This has seen 70,000 potholes filled since the start of the year - more than 30,000 of those since April.

Councillor Stuart Hughes, Devon County Cabinet Member for Highways and Transportation, said: "It is reassuring that we are still going to receive this funding as we have campaigned hard for additional help to tackle some of the problems on our roads. We're glad the money is safe as it will help with our on-going repairs, but it won't go that far in addressing the full extent of the damage caused by such harsh winter weather. This will fund smaller, cost effective schemes that will protect more of our network rather than the very worst sections of road that may require complete reconstruction.

"We have teams across the county that are finding, identifying and fixing potholes. They have repaired more than 70,000 potholes since the start of the year which shows how hard they're working to get on top of this. The interim repairs that were made following freezing conditions earlier this year have proved to be robust and are still there. We're now seeing new potholes appear on parts of the network that were damaged but not previously potholed. We're responding to the concerns of the travelling public and making our roads as safe as possible."

The Government funding is being given to the County Council on the condition that it will be spent where it can clearly be demonstrated that roads have been damaged by the winter rather than those roads that were already in disrepair. The County Council has to provide evidence to the Government as to where the money has been spent and how those roads were damaged by the winter weather.

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Devon County Council filled 85,000 potholes during the last financial year (2009/10), four times the amount fixed during a normal year.

Potholes and safety defects on the county's roads can be reported online at or by calling 0845 155 1004.