Award success is recognition of hard work

Vincent Page, Antiques on High

Vincent Page, Antiques on High - Credit: Lesley White

Vincent Page of Antiques on High writes for the Herald.

Vincent Page, of Antiques on High, celebrates one year in business. Picture: Antiques on High

Vincent Page, of Antiques on High, celebrates one year in business. Picture: Antiques on High - Credit: Archant

As we head towards opening our fourth Antiques on High store, we are very pleased to announce that we have been awarded Best Nationwide High Street Antique Centre 2022 from S.M.E. News.

Opening our third store in Bowness on Windermere last May was considered by many to be bordering on

Madness, yet here we are just over a year later with plans well underway to expanding the Antiques on High brand even further as we home in on our next venue.

With two very serious propositions on offer we hope to be confirming the location and full details of our next Store within the next few weeks, although as is often the case, these things always take longer than one would like.

For many years the Antiques trade has been associated with a degree of underhand shady back room deals some brought about by the success of the likeable TV character Love-Joy and we have gone to great lengths to dispel those myths and drag the rather tired traditional antique centre into the 21st Century albeit kicking and screaming with resistance in some quarters with many colloquial little phrases being adapted for the on trend items.

Antique Dealers around the U.K. are now releasing the benefit of having their stock in multiple stores around the country at significantly reduced rates without having to travel and since Christmas the world up north seems to have grasped the concept with both hands as new dealers are joining us on almost a weekly basis from all over the northern part of the country often taking cabinets in Sidmouth or Oxford as well as Bowness.

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Winning yet another award is a pat on the back for us and recognition of the work involved as far as we are concerned. On more than one occasion in the last few months, we have been at all three stores in one day before going home, covering more than 475 miles in less than 24 hours as well as running a shop for a day

And if that level of commitment is what it takes then so be it.