Bad parking ‘putting Sidmouth lives at risk’

“THOUGHTLESS and indiscriminate” parking near a trio of Sidmouth Primary School sites is putting lives at risk, say concerned emergency services.

Police have set up a specific problem-solving plan for issues in Woolbrook Road, Manstone Avenue and Vicarage Road following complaints that a small number of drivers have caused a big problem.

Town firefighters say congestion near their base hampers how quickly they can reach incidents.

PCSO Alex Powe and fire service group manager Adge Tilke have penned a letter to parents and guardians of youngsters at the school.

“We’ve received a number of complaints regarding the inconsiderate parking of a small number of drivers when dropping off and collecting their children from all three primary school sites,” PCSO Powe told the Herald.

“This bad parking creates a danger, not just for emergency vehicles, but for children, parents and staff.

“This will not be tolerated.”

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Mr Tilke added: “There is never an excuse for poor parking even for a short time, we never know when our next emergency call will be.

“Thoughtless and indiscriminate parking is a real issue for the fire service and can put lives at risk. Our firefighters need to respond to the station in Woolbrook Road in their own private cars and any congestion and backed-up traffic around the schools can significantly delay their progress.

“Once the fire engine is proceeding to an emergency incident, this same congestion will once again be a problem for us and slow us down as we try and drive a large 15 tonne appliance through a crowded and congested route.”

Parents and residents have been urged to report inconsiderate or dangerous parking by calling police on 101 and quoting reference number: KS/12/39.