Balloon reaches Salcombe Regis in 400 mile trip

Balloon find at Salcombe Regis nets long distance prize

WHEN Sue Worth found a blue balloon in the sea at Salcombe Regis last month she thought nothing of it.

She returned it to the address on the label and was amazed to learn on Monday that she had found the one that had travelled the furthest from a school in Northumberland which had held a Great Balloon Race.

“We often go to Salcombe Regis, it is just wonderful there. I was sitting on the beach with my sister Louise, her partner Bruce and my daughter Rachel when we saw it,” said Sue, who lives in Colyton.

“I volunteered to get it out and the label on it was just about readable. I didn’t think to much of it and sent it back to the school.

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“On Monday I got a letter from Glendale Middle School, Wooler, Northumberland, saying my ticket (No 312) had travelled the furthest – 414 miles – and enclosed a prize of �10 cheque, which I will send back as I am sure they can make use of the money.”

Sue, who enjoys coastal walks near Sidmouth, added: “I can’t believe it went that far, it was very shrivelled when I found it.”

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