Bar staff refuse to serve 31-year-old

A 31-YEAR-OLD woman is boycotting a Weston pub after staff twice refused to serve her non-alcoholic drinks because they thought she was under-age.

Jasmine Tripp says she feels ‘offended’ and ‘disgusted’ by the attitude of staff in Wetherspoon’s Dragon Inn after she attempted to buy two hot drinks and two meals for herself and her mum.

She was asked for ID by a barmaid but didn’t have any, and despite protesting that she was 31 and was going to pay for the meals on credit card, the staff refused to serve her.

Her mum ended up paying for the meals, but to add insult to injury Jasmine was told she had to stand behind the line on the ground as people under-age were not allowed in the bar area.

Jasmine, whose mum owns the White Hart pub in Cross, said: “I felt completely humiliated and embarrassed.

“You only have to be 16 to buy soft drinks in a pub but the staff wouldn’t listen.”

The finance executive wrote a letter of complaint to Wetherspoon but said she received a ‘bog standard’ reply which didn’t address her own situation.

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Jasmine then decided to go into the Meadow Street pub again with her mum on December 10 but this time was armed with her old passport for ID.

She ordered a cup of tea, coffee and two meals, and the same member of staff asked her for ID, which this time she produced.

But because her passport was six months’ out of date she claims she was told by the barmaid and supervisor that they could not accept it as a form of ID.

Jasmine added: “I feel completely let down by the staff there and will definitely not be going back to that pub again.”

A spokesman for Wetherspoon said staff at the Dragon Inn have no recollection of Jasmine’s visit on December 10 but say on the first occasion she was ID’d, staff were following their challenge 21 policy.

He added: “Wetherspoon apologises if the lady in question was upset by the proceedings, however, it backs its staff 100 per cent in the action taken.”