Beer quarry rave talks planned

Beer PC vows to prevent illegal rave at Beer next Christmas

OWNERS of Beer’s old quarry will hold discussions with police to ensure the site is not overrun by an illegal rave next Christmas.

Nearly 200 invaded the quarry for the second year running, which is leased to Hanson Aggregates by owners Devon Clinton Estates, on Boxing Day evening for the rave, which was broken up the following day.

PC Steve Speariett, neighbourhood beat manager for Seaton Rural, which includes Beer, said police units from other areas responded to a call on December 26 evening and some 150 people were still at the site at 1pm the following afternoon.

Although not on duty at the time, he said: “As beat manager I will speak to the landowner over what can be put in place next year, such as extra security, to prevent this taking place again.

“I will not allow it to happen for the third year in a row.”

Clare James, estates surveyor for Devon Clinton Estates, confirmed it owned the site, which she described as “mothballed but still a working quarry”.

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She said: “The site is ring-fenced, padlocked and chained. The illegal rave broke into the property and according to the police that is aggravated trespass.

“We are furious it happened and disappointed it happened as we had to have a police presence last time. If we are able to prosecute we will do.”

She said no-one was hurt or injured on the site, which contains quarry workings and cave openings and holds an SSSI rating – site of special scientific interest.

Ms James confirmed Devon Clinton Estates would be holding discussions with the police and Hanson Aggregates as well as local businesses to decide how to prevent an illegal rave taking place in the future.

“We have to be very careful that by stopping it going to the quarry, we don’t push the problem into the village and parish and will be in close liaison with the police,” she said.

Several cars left at the old quarry had to be removed after the rave and a considerable mess was cleared away.

Ms James said John Scott manager of Beer Quarry Caves, “did everything he could do” to protect the caves to ensure they were not affected by the rave on the opposite side of the road.