Beer shows it is Charming

BEER S annual Charm Show was a charming addition to a wet November Sunday.

BEER'S annual Charm Show was a charming addition to a wet November Sunday.

A range of charm chrysanthemums were shown at the event, organised by Beer Horticultural Society (BHS), in the Mariners Hall last weekend.

Ursula Makepeace, chairman of BHS, said: "Once again, in spite of inclement weather, the quality of those charms that were exhibited was very good. The quality of photographs was also impressive.

"Sadly, John White who was a staunch supporter of the society for many, many years and who has won countless prizes in the Charm Shows over the years has now retired from the horticultural society and is greatly missed. We very much hope that others will try and follow in his footsteps."

Visitor numbers to the Charm Show, which is only one of two events of this kind to be held in the South West, were slightly down this year. Organisers believe Remembrance Sunday and poor weather was a contributing factor to the low numbers.

Ursula added: "Sunday afternoon was an enjoyable social event enhanced by delicous home-made cakes and teas and coffees served by lady members of the society. This is not just an event for visitors; Beer residents are also heartily invited! We hope for better attendance figures next year."

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Anyone who would like to grow charm chrysanthemums can obtain charm cuttings from John Lang next March. For more information ring John on (01297) 20647.

The next BHS event is the AGM which takes place in the function room of the Dolphin on Monday, January 4. The society welcomes new members.

Beer Charm Show Results

Best Beer Charm: Alf Boalch Cup: John Lang

Best in Show: Overall Champion Shield: John Lang

Best in Shape: John Lang

Best Visitor: Tucker Cup: Ted Mowlem

Best Cut Chrysanthemums: Hunter Cup: Ted Mowlem

Best Vase of Chrysanthemums Ewin Cup: Ted Mowlem

Best floral arrangement: Floral Vase Cup: Norah Jaggers

Best photograph: Barrel O'Beer Cup: Jayne Aplin