Bid to halt speeders on Tipton road

A BID to halt speeding cars on a dangerous stretch of road which runs from Ottery St Mary, through Tipton St John to Sidmouth is picking up pace.

A BID to halt speeding cars on a dangerous stretch of road near Tipton St John is picking up pace after police agreed to take action over the problem this week.

Officers will monitor the stretch of road around Coombe Cross on Sidmouth Road, which links Ottery to The Bowd Inn pub, with speed guns after residents and a town councillor raised concerns over safety.

Several pets have been killed by vehicles on the road, which has a 40 mile-an-hour limit, and Town councillor John Harding is delighted action is to be taken after a nine months of voicing concern.

Cllr Harding said: "I live 100 metres from there and you can hear cars screaming along that are obviously doing considerably more than the speed limit.

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It's a massive safety issue, luckily there are not really a lot of children who walk along there but it is a junction, cars leaving Tipton need to pull out on that road- its on a hill and a corner so not easy- if someone comes speeding by as you pull out it can be a matter of luck."

The patch of road is surrounded by two hills encourage drivers to pick up speed on approach and stretch is made more dangerous by a lack of pavement or parking spaces for residents who live along it.

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Cllr Harding added: "Officer Tyrell was good enough to come down and see us, and we really appreciate that. The police need to look at the situation independently and check there is an issue. I'm sure they will see for themselves that there is a problem. It shows however that they have listened, reported it upwards and will act and that to me is very important."

A mobile speed camera will be positioned along the road if the Police deem it necessary.

Cllr Harding said: "The message I would hope to put out is if people do have concerns we may not be able to resolve them instantly but please come to us with them.

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