Binge drinking causes most accidents

BINGE drinking can turn a night out into a nightmare, warn NHS Devon health officials.

BINGE drinking can turn a night out into a nightmare, warn NHS Devon health officials.

While one drink can increase self-confidence, five can cause blurred vision, making people 20 times more likely to crash if they drive.

Those having nine or 10 drinks are susceptible to heart attacks.

Some 70 percent of accident and emergency hospital admissions after midnight or at weekends are alcohol-related injuries.

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Now guidance on the devastating effects of binge drinking can have has been issued by Devon Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT), which is funded by NHS Devon.

A manager there, Gill Unstead, said people should moderate their drinking, spacing it out and drinking water as well as alcohol.

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"People that binge drink are at an increased risk from health conditions such as liver damage, heart disease and stroke," she said.

"They are also more likely to put on weight and suffer from conditions such as acne."

She said binge drinkers can be easy targets for muggers or be drawn into fights.

"Every year almost 20,000 sexual assaults in England and Wales are alcohol related."

Healthy lifestyle clinics are run throughout Devon by health trainers and are open to people over 16 who want to make positive lifestyle changes.

To find out about your local health trainer service, contact 01884 836 024 or email

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