‘Blame inconsiderate parents for park rubbish’

an overflowing rubbish bin at Newton Poppleford playing fields. Ref shs 3132-29-15AW. Picture: Alex

an overflowing rubbish bin at Newton Poppleford playing fields. Ref shs 3132-29-15AW. Picture: Alex Walton - Credit: Archant

A volunteer who helped secure funding for Newton Poppleford’s play park says parents have a ‘social and moral responsibility’ to clear-up their rubbish.

David Zirker, 66, hit back at critics - who in last week’s Herald branded the site is a ‘health hazard’ over an overflowing bin. Mr Zirker says people should pick-up after themselves.

Parents came forward to voice their disgust at the amount of litter – including dirty nappies – that was left strewn around the children’s park and said it is no way to attract families to the village.

But Mr Zirker says the park, and nearby pavilion, need community spirit to survive and claims it is ‘inconsiderate parents’ who should be blamed for not taking their dirty nappies and litter home.

The volunteer manager of the pavilion said: “I spent a lot of time and effort getting a lottery grant for that play park.

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“It is a community bin, not a council bin. There is a social and moral responsibility of families not to add to an existing problem.

“It is thoughtless parents who are creating the health hazard by leaving the disposable nappies.

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“People should feel part of the community and feel responsible.

“If the bin is full, you should take your rubbish home. Maybe we should just remove the bin so there is nowhere to put the rubbish and install a camera and fine people who leave rubbish.

“If you want a nice play park, look after it. We should be encouraging community spirit, not frightening those who give their time and energy because the rest of society fail to take their rubbish home.”

Mr Zirker explained that he is trying to recruit a cleaner for the pavilion, who would take responsibility for emptying the bin, but in the meantime, it is down to volunteers.

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