Booze hard line pays off at Newton Poppleford carnival

Sidmouth Police booze clampdown on under-age drinkers has effect on carnival-goers

HARD-LINE action over seizing alcohol from under-aged teenagers at Sidmouth Carnival meant Newton Poppleford’s carnival night was virtually free of alcohol-related incidents.

Sidmouth Police, who confiscated and disposed of 180 litres of booze at Sidmouth, found only four litres on Saturday and these belonged to four teenagers from Axminster.

“I was disgusted with what I saw at Sidmouth Carnival,” Sergeant Andy Turner told Sidmouth Town Council on Monday.

“There was cider, beer, whisky, so much of it we couldn’t carry it back and a lot was tipped down the drain.”

He said the alcohol had not been supplied by local off-licences or pubs, but appeared to have come from older siblings or parents.

“Some were draw prizes, so if you had ticket 86, a bottle of whisky, I know where it is.”

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Sgt Turner said many young people he spoke to at Newton Poppleford Carnival referred to the Sidmouth Herald article reporting last week’s booze haul in Sidmouth.

“I was approached in the street by lots of people, of all ages, who support our hard-line on under-age drinking.

“I like to think parents of those who went to the carnival on Saturday ensured their children didn’t get into trouble.”

He again emphasised that under-age drinking by those aged 10-17, will not be tolerated.