Air ambulance attends beach fall incident in Sidmouth

The Devon Air Ambulance on The Ham, Sidmouth

The Devon Air Ambulance on The Ham. - Credit: Mark Eburne

Emergency crews including the Devon Air Ambulance, Sidmouth Lifeboat and the Coastguard went to the aid of a boy who had fallen from Sidmouth sea wall on Sunday afternoon (November 28). 
He is reported to have fallen from a height of about 12 feet and hit his head on the exposed concrete ledge below.
Sidmouth Lifeboat's first-aid kit was used to provide initial care to the casualty, who is thought to have also suffered chest and abdominal injuries. 

Emergency crews on Sidmouth beach

Emergency crews on Sidmouth beach - Credit: Mark Eburne

Crew member Brian Taylor and support team member Keith Bartles also helped members of the Coastguard team and the air ambulance, when its paramedics arrived after flying from Exeter and landing on The Ham.
The boy was treated the at the scene and then taken to the RD&E hospital by land ambulance.
Pictures of the air ambulance at The Ham and the emergency crews in attendance at the beach were captured by local photographer Mark Eburne. 

Emergency crews on Sidmouth seafront

Emergency crews in attendance on Sidmouth seafront - Credit: Mark Eburne

Ambulance on Sidmouth seafront

Land ambulance on Sidmouth seafront after a boy fell from the sea wall - Credit: Mark Eburne

Devon Air Ambulance on The Ham, Sidmouth

Devon Air Ambulance on The Ham - Credit: Mark Eburne

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