Euro 2020 sweepstake winnings donated to support cancer charity

Ben Morgan from Bradleys with Charlie Gwillim

Ben Morgan from Bradleys with Charlie Gwillim - Credit: Contributed

Staff at Bradleys Estate Agents in Sidmouth have pooled together their Euro 2020 sweepstake winnings to help support charity’s tumour research.

The estate agent took part in a Euro 2020 sweepstake across several of its 30 South West branches, with Sidmouth’s branch coming out on top (a bittersweet moment with England on the losing side). Collectively as an office, the branch wanted to donate the winnings (including Gift Aid) to a charity very close to their hearts.

Bradleys presented their cheque amounting to £225 to Sidmouth resident Charlie Gwillim, with the donation going to Brain Tumour Research charity.

Charlie, 29, lives in Sidmouth with her fiancé Rob and is a hugely popular figure in the town, having run a successful embroidery shop. Sadly, two years ago, having suffered from migraines Charlie went to the opticians. The optician referred Charlie for a hospital scan, where they revealed a brain tumour.

Charlie was operated on days after receiving the diagnosis. They took out a tennis-ball sized tumour. However, what was left was the size of a thumbnail and could not be removed because it would have left her in a vegetative state. Two weeks later it was revealed Charlie had a stage three terminal brain tumour. Her tumour is still the same size as it was following her treatment.

Despite the diagnosis, Charlie continues to astound everyone with her strength, positivity and infectious smile. 

Manager Ben Morgan said “Brain tumours kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer. Everybody was shocked to discover Charlie’s diagnosis, and we will continue to support her. We would love for others to make a donation if they are able to. No matter how big or small, it will all help go towards this incredibly important cause.” 

You can support the charity by going to

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