Branscombe church to get loo facility

Branscombe church toilet fundraisers flushed with success after securing money needed for its installation

BRANSCOMBE’S St Winifred’s Church could soon have a new facility.

The church council has decided to press ahead with the building of a toilet at the parish church.

The Reverend Nigel Freathy, said: “All the money is raised for the toilet and a builder has been lined up to start, but we are just waiting for approval from the Diocesan chancellor, who needs to be convinced that all the heritage bodies are happy with what is being proposed.”

The Friends of St Winifred’s agreed to make a substantial donation towards the toilet fund to enable work to start as soon as that permission is granted.

Mr Freathy said the church council was grateful to the Friends for its support and to all who had contributed to the other �13,000 raised locally.

The sale of cream teas at Edge Barton last month was the last fund-raising event for the toilet fund.