Branscombe micro parking site: tourism boost hope

MICRO park and change facilities around Branscombe could be implemented to improve transport links and encourage tourism.

MICRO park and change facilities around Branscombe could be implemented to improve transport links and encourage tourism.

Small sites dotted around the area could be used as car parking spaces for people who want to stroll along the coast path or connect to buses along the A3052 road.

District councillor Mike Green, who is also on the Jurassic Coast Steering Group, said he has found four businesses which have shown an interest in developing this policy.

He told the Herald: "Park and Walk and Park and Change are ideas whose time have come. Places such as Branscombe that wish to enhance their tourist offer are finding it harder and harder to accommodate the associated traffic and parking problems.

"Micro car parks along with Park and Walk and Park and Change are the way forward.

"It will also enhance the public transport options for residents- driving just a short distance to the A3052 then taking the bus to work, hospital shopping etc."

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Mr Green said he would like this system to be rolled out along the entire World Heritage Coast.

He hopes the concept will be mentioned in East Devon District Council's Local Development Framework document which will help to shape the area in future, and also adopted in Devon County Council's transport plan.

The Donkey Sanctuary is one of the businesses which is looking into developing this idea.

David Cook, chief executive of The Donkey Sanctuary, said: "We have had some helpful discussions with local councillors as part of the Local Development Framework initiative.

"We advised councillors that if we could get permission to create some additional 'green parking facilities' at the Donkey Sanctuary we would be able to make them also available for those wishing to walk the coastal path or even to allow local residents to park there and take, for example the X53 bus, or other buses that could pick up at the Donkey Sanctuary."

Mr Green added: "If all (organisations) are willing I would hope that we can make a start on some of these projects before May next year.

"This idea is one piece in a jig-saw of necessary rethinking about how we go about or daily transport habits

It will help cut pollution and encourage healthy living.

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