Branscombe unveils Jubilee celebration plans

The organisers of Branscombe’s Jubilee celebrations have announced the schedule of events in the village.

Starting with tomorrow’s jumble sale to raise money for the plans, there is also a workshop next month to prepare for June’s festivities.

Over the Diamond Jubilee weekend itself, one of the organisers Tony Lambert said there will be all sorts of fun activities going on in the village, including family cricket, a teddy bear’s picnic with a tug of war and a ‘royal quiz’, and lots more.

A Jubilee plaque will be placed on the Village Hall, and there will be a royal fancy dress race through the village.

There will also be a barbecue and picnic on the beach, and free Jubilee mugs will be distributed to Branscombe’s children.

Mr Lambert said to prepare for the celebrations there will be a workshop on Monday, May 7, in the village hall between 2pm and 5pm.

It is to prepare ‘sparkling diamond wishes’, to be placed about a week before the celebrations on a tree in front of the village hall.

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A photograph of the tree will be taken and incorporated into a card which will be sent to the Queen to wish her a happy Diamond Jubilee from Branscombe.

Over the jubilee weekend itself there will be a cherry tree planting in the village Coronation Gardens to mark the occasion on Sunday, June 3 at 5pm.

And on the Monday there is a fancy dress race to the beach, before the village lights a beacon, along with many other places on the coastline, at East Cliff at 10.30pm.

For more information or to help out with any of the events contact Tony on 01297 680297, or fellow co-ordinator Lyn on 01297 680265.

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