Broadband firm apologises for late-night roadworks noise

Arcot Road, Sidmouth: people in this road and nearby residential streets reported late-night noise from roadworks

Arcot Road, Sidmouth: people in this road and nearby residential streets reported late-night noise from roadworks - Credit: Google Streetview

The broadband company Jurassic Fibre has apologised for noisy late-night road works in Sidmouth after complaints from residents. 

People living in the Arcot Road area said they were kept awake until 2am or 3am in early December by road drills and vans with bright flashing lights. 

The work was being carried out by subcontractors for Jurassic Fibre, who are currently extending their full fibre network in Sidmouth and the surrounding villages. 

Several residents reported the disturbance to Sidmouth councillor Stuart Hughes, Devon County Council’s cabinet member for highways management. He confirmed that the council had given Jurassic Fibre a licence to carry out the work, but not after 11pm.  

The highways enforcement team raised the issue with Jurassic Fibre and in response the company agreed to improve its communication with residents in areas where road works are planned, and to make sure its subcontractors stop work at 11pm. 

In a statement to the Herald a spokesperson from Jurassic Fibre said: “As a local company, with our people living and working in the local area, maintaining good community engagement in our network areas is a high priority for us. We therefore take any complaints extremely seriously and have taken preliminary steps to find out why these issues have occurred. 
"In regards to the essential works on Arcot Road, we notified residents in the immediate vicinity of the works with a letter drop in advance, but appreciate that noise can carry and apologise for any disruption caused beyond this area. We have agreements that evening works take place no later than 11pm due to noise disruption and have put measures in place with our subcontractors to ensure work does not go past this time unless there is an emergency situation. 
"We understand that many residents work from home or run businesses in the day, so we try to minimise disruption by carrying out most of the work in the afternoon and evening. We appreciate that this may not be convenient to everyone, and so are continuing to liaise with the Council to find a solution. Our subcontractors are monitored by a supervisory team, and if any essential works are required to go past the agreed time of 11pm due to an emergency they have to notify us immediately.  
"As we are still surveying large areas of Sidmouth, we can't confirm our future plans at this stage, but we will of course notify residents before starting any works and detail any impact on highways as soon as we can. People can also keep updated with future plans and work notices on our website.

"Our team are always on hand to address people’s concerns and resolve them quickly and efficiently. For any further information or to speak to a local advisor, please email or call 01392 345600.