Brothers 'attacked' in Beer

A TOURSIST spent his 26th birthday recovering from serious injuries following an alleged attack in Beer.

A TOURSIST spent his 26th birthday recovering from serious injuries following an alleged attack in Beer.

Michael Potter and his brother Nicholas, 21, were both wounded during the incident which happened in the early hours of Saturday.

They were rushed to Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital and Michael had to undergo a six hour operation on his shattered shoulder.

He also sustained a broken arm, a black eye and needed stitches in his lip where two of his teeth had broken the skin.

Nicholas suffered bruising to his face and damaged ankle ligaments.

The pair, who were in a group of six visiting Beer for a weekend of fishing, were walking to Beer Head Caravan Park when the alleged attack took place in Common Lane at around 1.45am.

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Their father, Dr Jeremy Potter, had left his sons playing pool in the Dolphin earlier in the evening and only found out what had happened when he went searching for them the following day.

Michael, a law graduate, was discharged from hospital on Monday and is now recovering from his injuries at home in Berkshire.

Dr Potter said: "He's glad to be home but is still quite upset. He had a metal plate put in his shoulder and has a plaster on his arm which he will have on for about six weeks.

"It was his birthday on Tuesday and he couldn't do anything- his mobility is limited and both his shoulder and face are very sore.

"The surgeon said it must have been a massive force to damage Michael's shoulder and he was really lucky it was not six or eight inches closer to the back of his neck or things could have been a lot worse."

Nicholas, a second year biomedical sciences student, returned to University College of London on Sunday.

Dr Potter added: "He is hobbling around a bit and has a black eye- I think he's a bit more shaken than he's letting on."

Investigating officer DC Amanda Rowe said enquiries are continuing into the alleged assault and police are appealing for any witnesses. Ring 08452 777444 with information.

* Three local men, aged between 18 and 20, have been arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm and actual bodily harm, police say. They have been bailed until December pending further enquiries.