Bumper crowds at annual Woolbrook flower show

Exhibitors of all ages have

A BUMPER crowd attended the annual Woolbrook Flower and Craft show, which again proved a highly successful day.

It took place at St Francis church hall last Thursday, August 25, attracting many exhibitors, ranging from a two-year-old to a woman in her nineties, writes Gregory Carter.

Bruce Harcourt, show director said: “The success was due to the hard work put in by the terrific exhibitors who have supported the show so magnificently.”

He said the standard of work displayed was the highest to date, which made judging extremely difficult.

Some outstanding competitors included Robert Perryman, who won a host of awards, including his Fred Harris Shield exhibit, a collection of vegetables.

Others included Elaine Peckham who proved she not only excels in growing flowers but also at arranging them, after winning the best in show with her Take 5 exhibit.

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She went on to claim more awards, winning the best pot plant and also with her sweet peas.

As well as handicraft and flower related sections there was also a cookery category, which was heavily contested, with an abundance of mouth-watering food on show.

Mr Harcourt said the committee had done a marvellous job organising the show.

Winners Results

Flower Arrangements: Take 5: Elaine Peckham; Men Only, Pirates: Mr C Wilson; Opposite Attract: Elizabeth Harris; An Exhibition in green and white: Elizabeth Harris; An exhibition of foliage: Elizabeth Harris; Hot and Spicy: Jean Bridgeman; A Basket of Summer Flowers: Elizabeth Harris; In the Frame, a petite exhibition: Jean Selley.

Youth: Three Celebration Cup Cakes: Elisha Salter; Any Item of Handicraft: Elisha Salter.

Children: Draw and colour a picture of a pirate: Pre School: Poppy Ralls; 5-8 years: Heather Cooper; 9-12 years: Eve Waldy- Long; A Posy for Mum: Pre School: Oliver Marchant; 5-8 years: Freddie Ralls; 9-12 years: Eve Waldy- Long; Miniature Farm Yard: 5-8 years: Jack Marchant; An insect made from plant material: Pre School: Oliver Marchant; 5-8 years: Francesca Lowrey.

Cut Flowers: Three Dahlias, Decorative: Fay Dyer; Three Dahlias, Cactus and/or Semi-Cactus: Fay Dyer; Three Dahlias, Ball: Fay Dyer; Three Dahlias, Mixed: Fay Dyer; Three Roses: John Wright; Specimen Rose: Mr C Maskell; Six Fuchsia Heads: John Wright; Five Sweet Peas, Mixed: Elaine Peckham; One Hydrangea Head: Mrs P Gannon; Gladiolus, One Spike: Anne Marchant; One Perfect Bloom or Stem: John Dyer; Five Stems, one type: John Dyer; Five Stems, different types: Elaine Peckham.

Fun Classes: A vase of weeds from my garden: Julie Thompson; the longest runner bean: Mr D Gibbons; The oddest shaped vegetable: Robert Perryman.

Pot Plant: Any variety of Flowering Pot Plant: Elaine Peckham; Any variety of succulent or cactus: Mr C Maskell; Any variety of Fern or Foliage Plant: Mrs V Stockton; An Orchid: Linda Harris; African Violet: Ann Skinner; Any variety of large Flowering Pot Plant: Vivien Cotter.

Fruit and Vegetable: Five Tomatoes: John Wright; A Truss of Cherry-type Tomatoes: Sarah Flynn; Five Onions, sets: Mr W Pinn; Five Onions, spring sown; Cyril Kingdon; Eight Runner Beans: Robert Perryman; Five Eschalots: Robert Perryman; Five White Potatoes; Five Coloured Potatoes: Robert Perryman; Three Carrots: Mr W Pinn; Three Beetroots: John Wright; Cucumber: John Wright; Three Courgettes: Mrs M Wood; Any other Vegetable: Robert Perryman; A Collection of Herbs: Robert Perryman; Heaviest Vegetable Marrow: Robert Perryman; The Fred Harris Shield: Robert Perryman; Fifteen Blackberries: John Wright; Five Dessert Apples: John Wright; Five Cooking Apples: Mrs V Stockton; Any other Fruit: Bruce Harcourt.

Cookery: Victoria Sandwich: Gillian Allen; Carrot Cake: Janet Briggs; Four Cheese Scones: Ann Skinner; A Quiche, own recipe: Eileen Hedges; A Double Crust Apple Pie: Freda Humphreys; Four Celebration Cup Cakes: Carol Dunford; Marmalade 1lb: Janet Briggs; Jam, any variety 1lb: Marion Wagstaff; A Jar of Chutney: Geoffrey Ogden

Handycraft: A stuffed toy: Mrs L Haynes; A Piece of Tapestry: Kay Drodge; An Item of Cross Stitch: Emma Mullenger; An Item of Jewellery or Beadwork: Tracy Gibbons; A Handmade Item of Wood and/or Metal: Allan Gurney; A Decorated Card in any medium: Lyn Squance; A painting in any medium: Mrs Jessica Bendle; Any Item of Handicraft: Gillian Osborn; A photograph taken in Devon: R Wilson; A photograph of flowers or flower: Adele Salter.

Trophy Winners: Best in the Decorative Floral section: Elaine Peckham; Men Only, The Jim Handby Tankard: Mr C Wilson; The Minnie Hill Cup: Elizabeth Harris; Children’s Cup: Jack Marchant; Youth Cup: Elisha Salter; Specimen Rose Cup: Mr C Maskell; Best Dahlia Cup: Fay Dyer; Best Cut Flower Exhibit the Betty White Cup: John Dyer; Murphy Challenge Cup for the best vegetable exhibit: John Wright; Fred Harris Shield, for a collection of vegetables: Robert Perryman; Sam White Cup, for the most points in the vegetable section: Robert Perryman; Tom Lake Cup, for the best fruit exhibit: Bruce Harcourt; The Banksian medal for the most points in the Fruit and Vegetable section: Robert Perryman; Lee Salver, for the best cookery exhibit: Janet Briggs; Turner Cup, for the best preserve exhibit: Marion Wagstaff; Tucker-White Cup, for the best pop plant exhibit: Elaine Peckham; Eda Harcourt Trophy, for the best exhibit in the handicraft section: Gillian Osborn.