Bungalow plan raises concerns

A PLAN to build a detached bungalow in the grounds of a West Hill property has been opposed by Ottery Town Council planning committee and villagers.

Residents who attended the committee meeting said they hadn’t had adequate consultation time regarding the proposed development at 3 Ashley Brake – 19 days instead of 21.

They felt the site wasn’t big enough for the property and Sid Brissenden, of 7 Ashley Brake, was concerned about water run-off leading to flooding of his property. He also raised the issue of access, primarily how people would get into the site from the road.

Stephen Sylvester, of Maple Lodge, said the plan was the perfect example of “garden grabbing”, highlighted by communities and local government minister Eric Pickles.

He added: “The applicant has shot himself in the foot, because the property is 20 per cent of the allotted site and conflicts with the West Hill plan.”

The location and size of the proposed property was highlighted by West Hill councillor Claire Wright. She said: “I can’t imagine how they would fit it into that area without destroying the hedge. It seems totally inappropriate to try and fit a bungalow into that space.”

Councillor Jo Talbot, agreed, stating the notion of siting another property at the proposed spot was “preposterous”.

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The committee strongly opposed the plan as out of keeping with the area, and on the basis of the concerns raised about garden grabbing, flooding and access.