Sidford Business Park: WATCH video of traffic problems submitted to inquiry

Traffic jam in Sidbury. Picture: Marianne Rixson

Traffic jam in Sidbury. Picture: Marianne Rixson - Credit: Picture: Marianne Rixson

Video footage illustrating traffic issues in Sidbury and Sidford have gone before the planning inspector.

The clips were submitted as part of a three-day inquiry to decide the fate of Sidford Business Park.

The series of footage showed lorries and large vehicles becoming stuck trying to pass and long lines of traffic at various points along the A375.

The videos were dated between March 2016 and May 2018 at a variety of times throughout the day.

John Loudoun, from the Say NO to Sidford Business park campaign group, said: "All of these were taken over the past two years and are illustrative examples of the existing traffic problems locally with existing large vehicles."

He was questioned by Richard Kimblin QC, counsel for the appellant, if the issue was with articulated HGV vehicles on the road as seen in some of the videos

In one video, a lorry going towards Sidford became stuck by Sidbury War Memorial.

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Mr Loudoun said: "Its not just arctic lorries it's the narrowness of the road to take the traffic we have now. There are lots of parked cars as houses do not have garages or off-site parking.

"In Sidbury, the WI was so concerned by the size, volume and weight of the traffic through the village they started up Sidbury Traffic Action Group (STAG) which led to the establishment of the speed cameras and they are training speed watch volunteers in Sidbury."

The planning inquiry has entered its second day at the council's Blackdown House headquarters in Honiton.

Evidence is being heard by Planning Inspector Luke Fleming for a change-of-use application at land east of Two Bridges in Sidford.

The application, for the 8,445sqm development was rejected by East Devon District Council last year, sparking an appeal from applicants Mike and Tim Ford.

On Tuesday, opening arguments from both sides were put forward and evidence was heard from witnesses from the council.

On Wednesday, interested third parties will outline their arguments before evidence from the appellant.