Dog expert can help canines in distress

Dog expert Rebecca Elliott can help with a range of issues

Dog expert Rebecca Elliott can help with a range of issues - Credit: Kyle Baker

A dog behaviour expert has been awarded a certificate in helping canines with behavioural issues.

Becky Elliott, dog behaviourist and owner of Rebecca Elliott Dog Behaviour & Training in Sidmouth, has just obtained certification as a Dynamic Dog Practitioner.

The award means she is now able to recognise signs of pain and discomfort in dogs that are known to be contributory factors in a variety of dog behaviours.

These could be aggression to people and other dogs, resource guarding, sound sensitivity, reluctance to walk or exercise, hiding away, to name but a few.

"This is the missing jigsaw puzzle for me, in helping dogs and their caregivers to understand seemingly unexplainable behaviours," she said.

"There are many dogs out there that need help, most vets are so time-pressured – the type of assessment I undertake just isn't feasible within the usual consultation window. These assessments take hours. 

"Also, many dogs are extremely stoic and may mask any signs of pain in an unfamiliar vet surgery." 

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Recognising the signs of pain in our dogs is harder than many of us think, she said, making diagnoses more difficult.

"Without doubt the hardest part of my job is explaining to caregivers that their dog could be in pain – no one wants to realise that, but I don’t judge because recognising the signs are incredibly difficult – as I have learned," Becky added.

"The main thing is that I can now go out and help the dogs that would otherwise be termed ‘naughty’ or ‘stubborn’ and continue to suffer in silence."

In order to improve her work, Becky joined the four–month intensive Dynamic Dog course, which required six case studies. 

"It is the reality that all too often that pain or discomfort could be the primary cause of a dog’s unwanted behaviour - but just as often it goes completely unnoticed," she said. 

"Dogs are masters of disguise when it comes to pain – often by the time you can physically see your dog limping, for example, they are already in pain and have been for some time."

For more details, visit, or call Becky directly on 07768 723598.