Now is the time to make the most of the opportunity as Covid restrictions have fully lifted

Chairty shops on Sidmouth street.

Sidmouth shops will hopefully be busy this year - Credit: Beth Sharp

In preparation for what could arguably be a very busy year for everyone, a smart presentable business could be key to a thriving season.

With all Covid restrictions now lifted, we are faced with the freedom to race around the country with gay abandon, visiting all those places that for the last two years were out of bounds and if Sidmouth is one of them let’s be sure that we present a tidy and smart front for all to see, I don’t mean the seafront I am referring to our business premises.

It's easy to blame Covid for a lack of investment in the business we run but that becomes a bit of an excuse for “I can’t be bothered” and in five years’ time when you’re still quoting the same reason it becomes all too apparent and insulting people’s intelligence, is not something that encourages customers.

In real terms for the first time in three years we have the opportunity to make the most of our business, don’t be frightened to advertise - can’t afford to advertise, can’t afford not to advertise.

Whilst Covid crippled many companies, many of them were already on the brink of collapse and as the first lockdown was imposed, they seized the opportunity to blame the failing of their company on the then-current circumstances, some did so successfully some didn’t.

In a race against time, contractors employed by the council have been refurbishing the town, re-surfacing roads and such like, preparing for what they hope will be a busy season, now they could be accused of spending all the money before April or it could just be coincidence… Either way, it will benefit the town and present a fresh clean look to visitors, so in a bid to do everything we possibly can shouldn’t we do the same?