Don't be a Scrooge - keep your business premises warm and welcoming

Undated file photo of a person using a central heating thermostat. Britons could see their energy bi

Turn up the heat to bring in the customers - Credit: PA

As electricity prices soar almost numbing the nation it can be counterproductive to have cold business premises.

With the Government struggling to keep pace with the speed at which energy prices are rising some people have decided that in a bid to save money turning the heating off at work is of benefit, when in fact it can do more harm than good in the long term.

Modern-day central heating systems are something we all take for granted but have you noticed that when they are initially installed and fired up, they have a default setting of 18 degrees? There is a reason for this, as it’s generally considered to be the minimum comfortable temperature.

Walking into cold business premises in the morning does nothing to encourage anyone to work and enjoy the day and it’s very easy to say “oh well once you start work you’ll soon warm up”, if you work in a bakery this may be the case but for those working in different conditions they can spend more time trying to keep warm than actually working which defeats the object surely?

If customers visit your premises, be it a shop or cafe, it is human nature to feel reassured and a little more relaxed if there is a hint of warmth in the air as they enter which, will no doubt encourage them to stay longer and hopefully spend a little more, the harsh reality is that as business owners at this time of year, generating a little extra income can be useful.

Being known as “Scrooge who runs the place up the road and never puts the heating on” can be seen by some as an amusing tag line and throughout the year will often be re-applied in a different format but as much as word of mouth is a good old-fashioned way of promoting your business, it can be equally as damaging if you're known as such.

A little investment in heating at the right time of year could prove to have long term benefits for your customer relations.