Adapting your business to the current climate maybe worth considering

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You will need a strong internet presence if you are shifting your business online - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

So, you have a tried and tested business model and due to the last two years you are thinking of going in a different direction in the hope that it will be more productive, should you or shouldn’t you?

It’s a dilemma many have been and are being faced with due to the current climate and no one can really provide an accurate answer as no one really knows what the future will bring given the volatile nature of what is happening around the world.

If you have been using your business model for some considerable time and it has worked well for you then maybe modifications to the current structure and adapting to the climate may be of some advantage. Much talk is made about going online but it’s not suited to every business and can be far more time consuming than at first thought, but if you feel as though it's your only way to survive then it may be an option, but a strong internet presence is essential. You could have the best idea and product in the world but if no one knows you’re there, your audience is limited and growth could be too slow.

Social media can play a major part and can be quick and effective, but inevitably encourages keyboard warriors with little better to do with their time so requires a degree of management.

The path ahead is an uncertain one and many will restructure their business in an attempt to increase turnover and productivity. But if it doesn’t have the desired effect then they may be quick to blame the current climate rather than admit they got it wrong.

We are all facing change whether we like it or not and if your business requires that you adapt then perhaps that’s something to consider, but keeping a clear head and remaining focused solely on the business should be first and foremost.

The ability to deal with this effectively and quickly whatever you decide to do will leave you reassured that you have done everything you can.