Change shouldn't be feared as businesses face more challenges ahead

Business prepare for Covid restrictions to be lifted on Monday, July 19

Business prepare for Covid restrictions to be lifted on Monday, July 19 - Credit: Alex Walton

Are we ready to do business after restrictions are lifted on the 19th? 

While many are sure they are, equally many more are going to have to adapt.

The Government tells us that Covid is going to be here for a while and given the current figures we have no reason to doubt that, but in business terms we must be prepared for what lies ahead.

The long-standing debate over the wearing of masks in stores and business premises will ramble on deep into the night but there are going to be stronger challenges ahead and carpe diem may not be enough! 
We are going to have to plan a little further than the day ahead if we are to make a difference and it is inevitable that we are going to make mistakes, as none of us have ever been in this situation before and we simply have to allow for that. Working longer and different hours carrying out deliveries, spending more on advertising are all obvious alternatives we must consider.

Change it seems is something that is feared by many and people have been running their business a certain way for a very long time so any form of change is often met with, “Well I’ve managed perfectly well up until now”. And that’s just the point, it is ‘now’ that we have to deal with and ‘now’ is something we have never had to deal with before. So don’t be frightened, talk to other business owners, find out what they are doing to accommodate the new regime we are living under, we must embrace the change or face failure which is realistically not something any of us feels very comfortable with.

In 10 years’ time it is the innovators and those with the ability to move forward in such... wait for it... unprecedented times, that will be the companies leading the way, forging their path out of the Covid crisis and helping to create the future of how business is carried out, so if the opportunity arises make sure you’re one of them.

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