Call for residents to give their views on future of West Hill

Proposed boundaries for the new West Hill Parish Council. The black outline is the boundary campaign

Proposed boundaries for the new West Hill Parish Council. The black outline is the boundary campaigners in favour of independence have put forward. The hatched parts are areas that EDDC is suggesting should remain part of Ottery Town Council, subject to further consultation. - Credit: Archant

Second round of consultations on independence bid launched today

A second round of consultations is under way on draft proposals for the creation of a new, independent West Hill parish council.

Residents are being ‘strongly’ urged to have a say on the proposed terms published by East Devon District Council (EDDC) on Wednesday - which could see the village separate from the governance of Ottery Town Council.

EDDC chief executive Mark Williams said: “This is an important decision that needs careful consideration by anyone who has an interest in West Hill, or who would be affected by the formation of the new parish council.

“A decision on the two consultations will take place within the next 12 months.

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“Ultimately, if the proposal is approved, West Hill will no longer come under the jurisdiction of Ottery’s town council and the community will gain a number of benefits from having a separate parish council.

“I strongly urge the local community to air their views during this consultation period in order to help shape the future governance of this village.”

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The draft proposals for a Community Governance Review of West Hill include:

• That the new authority be known as ‘West Hill Parish Council’ and not by one of the ‘alternative styles’ of community, neighbourhood or village.

• That the membership will comprise of seven councillors.

• That no warding provisions are incorporated in the parish council.

• The parish council will take effect with elections in May 2017.

• Proposed boundary (subject to this further consultation) of the parish council to be as set out by EDDC and shown by the thick black line to the west of the village and the thin black lines to the north, east and south.

Views should be submitted by email to:, or post to: EDDC/Community Governance Review, Room 70, Knowle, Sidmouth EX10 8HL by June 6. For further information, visit:

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