Calls for safety solution after accident near Newton Poppleford school

Cars lining School Lane in Newton Poppleford

Cars lining School Lane in Newton Poppleford - Credit: Archant

Parents are still parking in dangerous positions to drop off pupils at Newton Poppleford Primary School – despite a ‘potentially fatal’ accident just weeks ago.

Other near misses have also been reported so police, councillors and school representatives met to find a solution.

District councillor Val Ranger said: “Despite a potentially fatal accident occurring just a few weeks ago, parents are still parking on double yellow lines to save a five-minute walk to school.

“There is a persistent core of those dropping children off to school who park on double yellow lines, park across hatched areas of the public car park, blocking private residents from access to their own garages etc.

“It would be much better if everyone could take collective responsibility for the safety of children and their parents and carers. It can be very embarrassing for children whose parents persistently flaunt the advice the school is giving in the best interests of everyone. As a working parent myself, I do understand the difficulties in both getting children to school and getting to work – but people must take responsibility for congestion around the school before we have another casualty, and this time the outcome might be even worse.”

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Options available to parents include parking at the Cannon Inn or in Back Lane and encouraging children to walk to school and learn the road safety skills needed at secondary school.

Cllr Hazel Jeffrey, who chairs Newton Poppleford and Harpford Parish Council, said the primary school is set to be rebuilt, so parking could be addressed in the designs. A consultation on the rebuild was postponed from April and could take place in September.

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