Car free day could ‘transform lives’

Sidmouth and Ottery gear up for sustainable travel fun event

A COUNTY-WIDE car free day could “transform the lives” of commuters who live in Sidmouth and Ottery areas, say organisers.

Residents of all ages have been urged to ditch their vehicles on Thursday (September 22).

The annual Devon Car Free Day is part of a county council sustainable travel campaign.

Experimenting with fun ways to travel have acted as a catalyst for some to completely re-think how they get to work, says the authority.

Last year, everything from scooters skateboards, penny farthings, fold up bikes and even collapsible canoes and sack trucks were utilised.

Sidmouth Councillor Stuart Hughes, DCC cabinet member for highways and transportation, said: “The event has got people to make a long term commitment to change their travel habits and gets them thinking about alternatives to using the car.

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“It’s encouraging when people who do their bit on the day realise how it can save money, benefit their health and help the environment.

“People from right across the county surprise us every year in coming up with new ways to travel to school and work.

“While some take a fun approach, the message is not lost that this is about green travel and cutting congestion.”

Event organisers added car sharing is another option to cut congestion and that people can join initiatives at

Those taking part in Devon Car Free Day can e-mail details of their intended travel choices to or visit for more information.