Celebrate with champagne

Some of those behind Gremillet Champagne.

Some of those behind Gremillet Champagne. - Credit: Archant

Fiona Taylor, of Christopher Piper Wines, discusses which champagne should mark the occasion.

Gremillet fond noir

Gremillet fond noir - Credit: Archant

It seems that every day there are amazing sporting achievements, both large and small, highlighted on social media.

Runs for charity through mud, over mountains and hills; swims for charity round our beautiful coastline, from pier to pier or castle to castle; skydives, abseils and lesser but no less important activities such as pizza nights and bake sales.

Celebrations of these achievements should never be underrated and for this you need champagne.

It has all the magic of being a luxury, of being something you only buy for those really special occasions and of being something you drink while thinking ‘Yes I did it’ that makes a lasting memory.

Gremillet at Brympton

Gremillet at Brympton - Credit: Archant

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Whilst we stock many champagnes, there are two from family-owned companies that are definitely worth mentioning. Champagne Gremillet is our ‘house’ champagne, a 70/30 blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and the wine guru that is Jancis Robinson reports… (Gremillet NV Champagne- Article from Jancis Robinson entitled “New Wave Champagnes” June 21, 2018): “This seems rather a steal to me. Light and well balanced with perceptible dosage but flirtatious (non-excessive) mousse and no searing acidity or astringency. Reasonably persistent. Quite a surprise at this price. Not a wine to keep but I would happily serve this at a party.” So worth checking it out.

Second worth mentioning is Pol Roger Brut Réserve NV. Personally my favourite NV champagne of all time. Deliciously elegant, soft and full of toasty tiny bubbles that hit the spot every time. A brilliant wedding champagne (as Prince Harry and Meghan have demonstrated, what a choice!) and a harmonious and very consistent blend of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier (about one third each) which is never sold until the youngest component has achieved three years of age. It is a champagne that’s feminine but fruity in its youth, while the Pinot Noir makes for a firmer, more structured, fuller wine with age.

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Pol Roger recently celebrated its 165th anniversary and is perhaps best known as Winston Churchill’s favourite champagne. The house is still family-owned and has a reputation for producing champagnes of great finesse and elegance which age very well.

Celebrate with champagne, what more can I say? Pop into CPW and get a bottle today!

Vintage pol roger

Vintage pol roger - Credit: Archant

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