Scores of nominations for town's champion awards

VGS chair Peter Murphy says an emphasis will be placed on 'Pulling Through Lockdown'

VGS chair Peter Murphy says an emphasis will be placed on 'Pulling Through Lockdown' - Credit: Peter Murphy

The Vision Group for Sidmouth's ‘Sustainable Sidmouth Champion Awards’ for 2021 are well under way.

Launched in June this year, scores of nominations have been received proposing all manner of groups, businesses and individuals for an award which recognises the good work that was done over the last year.

There are three categories for the Champion Awards – community, resilience and sustainability.
VGS chair Peter Murphy said: “This is about all the efforts being made in these difficult times. To look after both neighbours and neighbourhoods, to keep going through the pandemic, and to still take care of the planet as we go about all of this.”

When describing the types of groups and activities recognised by the Sustainability category, Peter said: “Anyone or anything, basically, that shows care for and interest in our environment. Whether it's picking up litter or selling products which aren't immediately going to end up in landfill.”

“There are all the green groups in the Sid Valley which have managed to do great things, even during lockdown, and which perhaps deserve our praise even more, as we've all come to appreciate the value of nature, clean air and our beautiful landscapes these last months.

“There are the shops who've been ditching plastic wrapping, the hotels who've cut down on food waste in all sorts of imaginative ways, the restaurants who source locally-grown food and the businesses who've seen working from home as a way to reduce the daily commute and being stuck in traffic.

“There are the local groups which are sharing skills on making, mending and repairing, as over the last year we have learnt to appreciate a little more of what we have, or have turned our hands to some DIY, or have got creative with some make-do-and-mend.

“And there are the families who've created ponds in their back gardens, who've seen Devon staycations as a way to enjoy what we have in our green and pleasant backyards, or who've done a huge amount of work in recycling/reusing/reducing – all of which can be a great deal of fun, as well as feeling that we're giving to future generations.”

“That's what 'sustainability' is all about.” Peter said. 
“Being thoughtful about what we're doing now, so that our grandchildren can enjoy the fruits of our planet just as we do.”

Judging will take place in autumn with a panel of judges who will determine who gets the award with a ceremony to do the honour of highlighting the good deeds done.

If you know of anybody who deserves to be recognised as a green champion, go to the dedicated website and fill in the form at:


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