Chefs in short supply in the hospitality industry

Food and drink Picture: Getty Images

Chefs are in short supply in the hospitality industry - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

By the time you read this article you will know the latest situation with regards to the pandemic. 

At the time of writing it appears that we are unlikely to be fully released but we’ll see what Captain Corona has to say about it all! The uncertainty is certainly having an impact on those planning events such as weddings and parties. In my own capacity as coordinator of Folk Week campervan parking at Sidmouth cricket ground, there is no doubt that some people are being very indecisive about coming. Having said that, many of our regular customers are desperate to come and enjoy the events that are being offered in the town but some feel that the scaled-back Folk Week is not for them. I suspect we will see an increased level of enquiries after the announcement this week.

I was interested to hear about the effects the pandemic is having on the labour market in the hospitality industry. Chefs in particular appear to be in short supply. This is good news for them but not so much for the employers. The situation is exacerbated by some very good workers still being on furlough. And then you have the employees who have returned to their home countries rather than staying in the UK after Brexit. On the commercial front, have you spotted Joe’s Coffee and Gelato in Dove Lane? They are offering a takeaway service including coffee and ice cream. And the owners of The Bagel Shop are going to be offering a takeaway food service from The Arches to the western end of The Esplanade. I’m sure both businesses are going to be busy for the remainder of the summer.

The latest house prices in the area have been uploaded to the land registry website this week. The most recent period covers transactions in February and March. The previous trend of prices increasing dramatically for detached houses and bungalows appears to be continuing. Rather than comment on specific transactions I will leave you to view them for yourselves!

I was delighted to see that some of the potholes have been repaired in Radway and Vicarage Road but the situation throughout the area is still concerning. Cyclists in particular have very good reasons to be more careful. I was joking with a friend the other day as to which event will happen soonest in Sidmouth. Either the resurfacing of Vicarage Road or the Vinnicombes Bakers card machine coming back from the repair shop!

On the sporting front, Exeter Chiefs beat Sale 20-19 setting up a home semi-final against the same opponents tomorrow (Saturday). On the local cricketing front, there were wins for all of Sidmouth’s teams last Saturday including a fine away win for the 1st XI at Paignton. This weekend the 1st XI have a home game against Exmouth, the 2nd XI are at Upottery and the 3rd XI have a home game against North Devon.

Whilst in discussion with former Devon bowler Doug Yeabsley the other day, he told me an incredible fact that I thought I would share. Apparently, he never bowled a wide in 6,500 overs whilst playing for Devon! And no wides either whilst playing for the Minor Counties in the Benson & Hedges Cup. It would never happen these days, that’s for sure, with anything down the leg side being signalled as a wide. If anybody else has any interesting facts please let me know.

In the Euros football championships last Saturday we saw just how meaningless sport is when it literally became a matter of life or death for Christian Eriksen. Thankfully he pulled through after receiving wonderful medical attention. On the pitch, England overcame Croatia with a solid 1-0 victory. They now face the old enemy with a game against Scotland this evening at 8pm. Knowing there are a few Scots in Sidmouth I’ll say may the best team win!

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